What Are Deodorant Creams?

Deodorant cream, ever heard of that term? Not that popular such as normal roll-ons deodorant or spray but yet very effective if you know how to use it. Despite that the most popular deodorant among women are the classic roll-ons ones because they are just easy to use and effective in many ways this deodorant cream is really good depending on what type of person you are.

First of all let’s start by pointing out what exactly a deodorant cream is. This is not just a normal lotion as you know it has the properties to prevent sweat odors. Many women struggle to keep this zone without any not-nice fragrance, but it’s just a matter of time and product sometimes. Depending on what kind of skin you can be sweatier friendly or just less. I know girls which don’t use deodorant and they don’t have any type of odor, strange but true.

As always there are some things that are good about a product and some are not that good. For example with normal deodorant sharing can become a problem because deodorant usually is a personal thing which you apply in your arm. This deodorant cream is different as you would be applying it with your hand directly to your arm.

Let’s talk about pricing, yes, deodorant cream is much cheaper than normal roll-on or spray deodorant just because it’s different and the packaging is just simpler and with less marketing in it. In resume, it does the job.

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Why isn’t Deodorant Cream the boom in our actual market?

Well, it’s just easy to point that normal roll-on deodorant is much easy to apply than a cream with your hand. It is also a matter of fact that as you know applying a cream it doesn’t dry instantly such as a normal roll or spray deodorant and this can make you feel uncomfortable because people can find out that something is wrong with your under arm area, for example it can keep in your clothes after application. It’s important to apply it after the shower and before putting any clothes on you should let it try for better effects.

Not much marketing

This is the main reason why deodorant cream is not that popular such as other options. It doesn’t have a lot of brands producing them so options will be more limited just too 4-5 products instead of 20-30 from normal roll-on products for example. Have you ever seen a TV spot with a deodorant cream instead of a spray or roll-on? Not really, I haven’t personally and I do watch a lot of TV.


It’s not that one product is better than the other, they are just different and any of them will have a great impact in your skin. Remember to use good brands when it comes to skin care since bad quality products can damage your skin. If you have any other questions about this topic or another you can always contact us through our contact form..

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