Guide To Sunless Tans Using Spray Tan Lotion

It is common knowledge that sun tanning for too long over an extended period of time can lead to skin cancer if you aren’t careful. However, everyone loves having sun-kissed skin during the summer months. You can get around this little problem by using one of the many spray tan lotions that are out there for you to purchase. There are varieties that offer a perfect tanned look in as little as 60 minutes. No matter which product you choose, here are some tips for a perfect sunless tan when using a spray tan lotion.

Exfoliate Prior

One of the first things you should do prior to using a spray tan lotion is exfoliate your skin. As you know, exfoliating helps to remove the top layer of dry, dead skin. When you do this, it helps the lotion not have to work through that layer of dead skin, which means you’ll get to sun tanned skin that much sooner. In the shower, use a bath sponge to scrub over your body, making sure to get all over, especially areas that are the driest.


In the week prior to when you want to use the self-tan lotion, you should start moisturizing your skin more. Apply your normal body lotion liberally all over your body each day after your shower. When you use the self-tan lotion, it can quickly soak up into skin that is dry, which could mean you’ll see blotchy, uneven color instead of a flawless tan. So, when applying your body lotion, concentrate on the areas where you notice dry skin, such as the knees and elbows.

Spray tan lotion

Apply in a Cool Location

Avoid using a steamy, hot bathroom to apply your spray tan lotion. The moisture and heat from such an environment will cause your skin to overheat and sweat, which can mean your tan will appear blotchy and uneven. It is best for you to wait until both your skin and your bathroom to cool down from a shower or bath before applying your self-tan lotion.

Do Not Rush

One of the biggest things to know is not to rush when applying a self-tan lotion. Plan for it to take around 30 minutes, it may be less or it may be more. Start at your feet and legs and work your way up. Go slow, and make sure that you are evenly coating every section of skin. If you can’t have someone there to help with areas you can’t see or reach, use a full-length mirror to help you.

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