How to Properly Use Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are oils that are synthetically manufactured and are not the same thing as essential oils. Fragrance oils are available in a larger range of scents and are also less expensive than essential oils. They are also known as burning oils and can be used in crafting, home scenting, as well as perfumes. Here are some ways you can properly use fragrance oils in the home.

How to Properly Use Fragrance Oils

Take a plastic spray bottle and add a few drops of your favorite scented fragrance oil. Then fill the bottle with water to the top and shake well. Spray the room two or three times to disperse the scent throughout the room.

When choosing a bottle for this project, make sure to find one that sprays a mist instead of something more forceful. The mist setting is all you need to adequately disperse the fragrance around the room.Fragrance oils displayed in store

Carpet Refresher

You can easily make a carpet refresher using baking soda and your favorite fragrance oil scent. The first thing you do is get an unopened box of baking soda and add three to five drops of which ever fragrance oil you choose. Mix it up well and let the oil to soak into the baking soda crystals for 24 hours. Once it is ready, shake the mixture all over the carpet. Allow it to sit for an hour and then vacuum it up. If you aren’t sure how your particular carpet will react, test a small area before dong the entire carpet.

Scented Light Bulb

If you want an entire room to smell like your favorite scent, you can make a scented light bulb using fragrance oil. Before doing this project, make sure the bulb you are using is completely cool to the touch. Use a cotton ball soaked with the oil and apply it lightly to the bulb. Make sure not to use too much or the scent may be overpowering. Also, avoid getting any of the oil on the base of the light bulb. Once the oil on the light bulb heats up, it will disperse across the room giving the room a wonderful scent.

Homemade Dryer Sheet

Take an old shirt you never wear anymore and cut it in 5-inch squares. Take one of the squares and place the others aside for future use. Add three to five drops of the fragrance oil to the square. Place the square in the dryer with your laundry. The oil helps with static clean and also gives your clothes a wonderful smell. Wash the square after each use and it can be reused multiple times before needing to be thrown away.

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