What Are Body Creams?


Most people always want to know what body creams are. If you live in a neighborhood or residence where health and beauty go hand in hand, you should hear many people ask a common question; what is body cream? It goes beyond definition to finding out exactly how the creams themselves can be of benefit and whether or not they have any potential risks to the skin and general well-being of the user.

What are body creams?

  • Body cream is substances that restore the skin’s moisture. They are heavier than body lotions because they have a higher level of thickness.
  • Body creams are specially prepared with a sultry mix of water and oil to smoothen and soften skin. Even though most creams are non-greasy, some are greasy.

The choice of the right body cream depends on how dry your skin is. It also depends on the part of the body where you intend to apply it.  Another factor that determines the choice of body cream is the season of the year. The skin tends to be dry during winter than in the summer.

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Is body cream a good choice of product?

A body cream is an excellent choice for your skin. But you will have to experiment with a number of them to know which one will suit you best. If you try a cream of your choice and it does not give the results you expect, feel comfortable and free to try a different one. Your skin type also plays an important role in the choice of a perfect body cream. Skin can be oily, combination or dry. In addition, there are certain parts of the body like the elbows and knees that tend to be drier no matter your skin type.

Do body creams deliver results?

Body creams work according to the ingredients they have. A combination of the right ingredients usually delivers the best results for any type of skin. Skin experts researched on different plants that are oil-based and found their nutritional value as well as healing abilities. Today, they recommend creams with plant-based oils that are compatible with the skin’s natural oil; sebum. This way, the skin readily absorbs the cream hence being moisturized adequately. Olive is one of the best plant-based natural oil that is compatible with the skin’s sebum. It has ingredients that give a body cream effective moisturizing capabilities.

Another useful ingredient that some creams have is jojoba. Its similarity to sebum enables it to stabilize sebum production. It is highly recommended for combination skin as it moisturizes dry areas while making oily areas less greasy. Grape oil is a common ingredient in body creams that contains natural antioxidants. This ingredient gives a cream the ability to offset damage caused by the sun and other elements.

Beware of body cream with mineral oil. A good number of body creams in the market contain the ingredient. Note that mineral oil causes the pores to clog and form blemishes. In order to benefit from your cream, it is suggested that you apply the cream while the skin is still damp. This means it is valuable to apply your body cream immediately after a shower or bath.

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