Are Hand Lotions Useful To People?

A hand lotion is a body cream or ointment that is relatively viscid in nature and is intended for soothing or healing broken skin. Lotions are useful in that they moisturize and unstiffen the skin. There exist wide ranges of skin ointments that are all intended to make it look vibrant and healthier. Firming lotions for example, tend to enhance the coarseness of the skin, tightness and brighten the complexion. Body oils on the other hand are protective skin products that are often administered on the skin as a remedy to a very dry skin. Body oils are mostly made from natural plants extracts, for example vegetable oils. The general question, however, from almost all body ointments consumers is whether hand lotion is useful or not especially when compared to other body ointments.

How are lotions manufactured?

A hand lotion is made of essential chemicals that the skin needs to stay moisturized. The ingredients include synthetic proteins, glycerol, dyes, preservatives as well as the desired fragrances. Notably their emulsify nature makes them suitable for administering skin medications, for example antibiotics and antifungals that can be incorporated in them. The process of making a lotion follows two main cycles, the water cycle and the oil blending cycle. By understanding the contribution of each ingredient, you can understand why hand lotions are useful to your skin.


The two cycles entails the following brief steps

The powder ingredients are whipped into the oil used in the oil phase

  • The active ingredients are then scattered into the solution
  • Various stabilizers are added to the water to be used in the water phase as well as some emulsifiers
  • Finally the solutions are whipped till a thick paste is obtained. It is to be noted that heating is essential to achieve optimum results.

Why are hand lotions useful to your skin?

There are several reasons why a hand lotion is useful to the skin. Thus the answer to the mystery why are hand lotions useful to your skin has been unraveled.

  • Firstly, hand lotions tend to hydrate your skin and keep it moisturized. This ensures effective openings of sweat pores as well as protects it from breaking.
  • Another important fact is that, hand lotions eliminate spots on your skin, for example, the ugly white spots that always come to your skin after water spills on it when it is dry. These spots are often perceived as dirt whereas it is just a water spot. By applying lotions, the skin becomes partially water resistant and thus eliminates such spots as well as lashes.
  • Notably, as you make judgment to the question whether are hand lotion useful to your skin, should always base your arguments on the fact that hand lotions are the most effective way of administering medication through the skin since they are viscous. Solid oils are in effective in administering medication since they do not blend well with antiseptic and antibiotic elements hence lotions are the best for this task.

Hand lotion have many benefits to our skin and therefore the doubts based on the controversial question whether are hand lotion useful, should never be a reason for you to avoid using this essential commodity.

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